Searching for a way to reach out to your audience effectively?

Emailing is an easy way to communicate and to set up a relationship with your customers or members. However, it is necessary to use the right system to do so. In fact, we believe e-mail marketing must be performed with the appropriate tools: this is why we developed eTarget.

eTarget is a flexible and affordable web-based email marketing solution designed to provide any type of company or organization with the power of e-mailing. Our solution enables any user to manage the entire process of e-mail marketing without any technical skills.

With eTarget you can send various types of e-mails such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Promotional e-mails
  • Announcements
  • Invitations
  • General information...

No matter what you wish to send, eTarget enables you to send professional looking e-mails. In few minutes, your e-mail is created and sent. Thus, you gain time and efficiency in the way you communicate or promote!

E-mail marketing process with eTarget:


By collecting new e-mail adresses on your website and gathering information about your recipient, you are able to target specific recipients to send the appropriate message. Besides, you build and develop a relationship with your recipients which make them loyal regardless whether you send promotion or pure information.

Sending targeted e-mails to your contacts can make a difference!